The past does not exist. Only the thrill of the present.
And the vision of the future. Penelope does not recognize conformism, labels or consumerist delirium. Hers is a subversive disposition which fringes codes and anachronistic borders.
Every dress, every accessory flows from an inexorable research, never satisfied but awaiting the new. You intuit this as soon as you enter the store :
every time is the first time. Fleeting, unrepeatable.

Angles and corners release infinite nuances, from the languid femininity of Lanvin to the coolness of Carven, the architecture of Yohji Yamamoto and the urban volumes of Alexander Wang, all the way to the conceptual lineature of Margiela.
Every creation is unique, atypical and yet still linked to the other by an eternal and immutable style, indelible traces which transcend time.

Each piece underlines a choice. A choice both intellectual and refined, exclusive to those who follow the current. It’s not modernity, it’s avant garde.